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Birdhouse Studios is a 1250 sq ft natural light photo studio located in West Jordan, UT. With a variety of seasonal backdrops and props, it's a perfect place to create content and capture memories. 

Address: 9035 S. 1300 W. STE B, West Jordan, UT 84088

(Please refer to your booking confirmation email for entry instructions)

Before using the studio, please read, understand, and agree to the following rules and information:

  • Included in your booking is the entire 1100 sq ft studio, numerous furniture pieces/props, and 2 rolling walls. It is your responsibility to take care of them, and notify us immediately if anything is damaged or broken during your session.

  • Bring your own photographer. Only two photographers allowed per session. Please contact us for approval and cost of additional photographers.

  • There are bathrooms through the black door, but it locks behind you. Prop the door open, or make sure someone is in the studio to let you back in.

  • Please arrive and exit on time. Account for your set up and take down time as part of your booking. If you need more time during your shoot, call or text me and I am happy to add onto your session if there is not another client scheduled directly after you.


  • Clean up any messes you make while creating your photos. This includes clothing hangers, product tags, hair ties, bobby pins, taking out dirty diapers, etc. There is a vacuum and broom on site, and cleaning supplies in the cupboards.

  • Absolutely no nails or tape on the walls. Command strips or washy tape are ok as long as no damage is incurred and you remove them before leaving.

  • NO FLAME CANDLES. Battery operated ones are ok.

  • Do not move the rolling walls over where the two floorings transition unless you have at least two people moving them.


  • Any damages to the building, or missing items will be the financial responsibility of the individual who booked the appointment. Please notify us immediately if you come across any problems or concerns.

  • Boudoir shots are welcome but nudity in the studio is prohibited; please wear lingerie/underwear at all times. Please do not tag us on social media in any boudoir shots.

  • We are unable to offer refunds or cancellations, but contact us within 2 days prior to your session and we are happy to reschedule you to a different day.

  • The garage door is for entry/exit only. Please do not leave it open during your shoot, or for periods of time longer than to enter/exit. It causes the utility bill to be excessive, and dust/dirt/leaves/etc blow in and settle and make the studio dirty. If you have a special circumstance and need to shoot with the door open, please contact us and we will arrange it and add a cleaning fee following your shoot.

Feel free to contact us at any time. If it's urgent, please call or text instead of sending an IG message. Thank you!

(385) 501-1266

9035 S. 1300 W. STE B, West Jordan, UT 84088

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